69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List

There are different levels of getting down in the lovely realm of sex and sex positions. There is always a seductive new position, sensation, or experience to try out with your partners for any occasion for aficionados of a nice sensual frolic — we’re talking about our real believers, scholars, and geeks when it comes to sex and sexuality. Some new sex gadgets can also heat things up. Whether you’re playing alone or with a companion or two, there are many methods to make sure that no two nights in are ever the same.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re always down for a fast casual op or a missionary to give a quick O, but why not stretch out and take things to a whole new level? Your sexual life is a live, breathing, and constantly changing entity that requires some TLC to keep you and your partner(s) entertained and content. Sometimes all it takes to start the party and rekindle some crucial discussions about what feels best in the act is a brand-new position. (And keep in mind that it’s alright if those things alter or if you simply want to try something out.) If you’re into spankings, feel free to include one of them as well for good measure.

Additionally, we are aware of your busy schedule and your want not to squander your precious alone time studying impossible pretzel-like contortions (although exercise recovery can also double as sex recovery if your back is suffering as a result of your inventiveness and ambition in the bedroom).

Therefore, in order to assist you add some innovation to your sex life, we’ve put together 69 fun positions you should try right away (along with some tasty and sure to please old favorites). Ironically, the good ol’ 69 isn’t on this list. But don’t worry, we also have a separate list of various ways to 69.

To try out, here are 69 (good) sex positions. Have fun, be wise, and stay safe!

This article was first released in its original form in oct 2023.

69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List - Stylemecck

Put it!

pin now and try latter.

69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List - Stylemecck

Modified Coital-Alignment Technique

The pressure and friction of Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) postures raise the face-to-face set-up above and above the standard missionary. The receiving partner reclines as the penetrating partner enters from above, providing the added benefit of grinding clitoral stimulation in addition to the internal stimulation you can adjust with shallow or deeper thrusts.

69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List - Stylemecck

Doggy Style

Dog fashion is timeless for a reason! There are numerous adaptations to make the bestial and intense experiences enjoyable for both the giver and the recipient. G-spot penetration has a good chance of success because to the openness of the hips and the entry from behind. The penetrating partner is on their hands and knees, free to explore, grope, and grip as they choose.

69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List - Stylemecck

Pushing Tush

Fans of butts, rejoice! The Pushing Tush sex position is ideal if your partner has expressed interest in exploring anal penetration in a less daunting manner. It allows both the penetrating and receiving partner to experiment with the back door. A nice lubrication is your best friend in this situation! If you want something extra potent, you can add some toys for more enjoyment.

69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List - Stylemecck

The Butterfly

The Butterfly sex position entails having the receiving partner lay back on an elevated platform (a bed, table, countertop, go off!) with their hips slightly tilted upward while providing cervical stimulation and free hands for clitoral activities. This is another technique to modify the missionary with a little more force.

69 Sex Positions to Add Right Away to Your Bucket List - Stylemecck

Rocking Horse.

Your new favorite for G-spot stimulation and close eye contact will be the Rocking Horse. The receiving partner sits between the penetrating partner’s legs in this position, with the receiving partner’s legs almost completely encircling the penetrating partner (although you can adapt for that if you want to go full Koala!). You have a lot of room to regulate the depth of penetration while still holding each other extremely close as both partners rock into each other.

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