Aero India 2023 | An Indo-US air-launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is expected to fly later this year.

Aero India 2023 | An Indo-US air-launched unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is expected to fly later this year. - Stylemecck
Areo india 2023

According to a member of the U.S. government delegation at Aero India 2023, a prototype of the Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ALUAV) built jointly by India and the United States is set to undergo flight testing later this year.

Major General Julian C. Cheater, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the U.S. Air Force for International Affairs, said in a press conference on the eve of the air show that “there is definitely progress with respect to the ALUAV; this project arrangement was signed last year, and we are expecting to conduct flight testing as early as the fall [September-November] of 2023. Both a range in the United States and one in northern India will be used for the flight testing, according to Major General Cheater.

In 2021, the Joint Working Group Air Systems of the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative and the Indian Ministry of Defense signed a Project Agreement for the ALUAV (DTTI).

The Indian and U.S. Air Forces, along with the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) in Bengaluru and the Aerospace Systems Directorate at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, are the main organizations responsible for carrying out the project agreement.

The C130J aircraft, according to Major General Cheater, will be used to launch the ALUAV, which is being built to be launched from an aircraft.

“We’ll build sensors for the package, and we anticipate that this specific UAV will probably be launched from a C130J aircraft,” the statement continued. That denotes an agreement for a seven-year project. A major development in the bilateral relationship, the long-term deal also incorporates technological transfer, according to Major General Cheater.

Participation of the F-35 in the exhibition

A member of the group stated that if the US’s F-35 stealth fighter participates at Aero India 2023, it will be the most advanced aircraft in the airshow.

“With regard to the F-35, if they are going to come to this air show… it would be the most sophisticated fighter in the world. “We already have two F-18s on the ground, as well as two F-16 Vipers, and you should keep your eyes in the skies and keep an eye out for the rest of the week for the other aircraft that will be arriving later,” said Rear Admiral Michael Baker, senior defence official and defence attaché at the US Embassy in New Delhi.

The delegation said that the United States should not give the F-35 to India at this time.

Ambassador A. Elizabeth Jones, who is also the leader of the American delegation at Aero India, stated that the United States and India are cooperating in a variety of ways to guarantee that the Indo-Pacific region is free and open, wealthy, connected, and resilient so that democracies may flourish.

“As partners, we are collaborating to combat climate change, advance global health and prepare for emerging pandemics, handle cyber threats, develop high-quality infrastructure, and assure sustainable supply chains. We are stepping up our collaboration on crucial technology, including as semiconductors and space components, Ms. Jones added.


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