How to start drop shipping business in india?

With the rise in the number of eCommerce store, the niche online stores have started making space for themselves.  Since the market Size of niche stores is limited and uncertain ( can be huge or slim), the sellers are moving towards the concept  of Drop shipping.

How to start drop shipping business in india? - Stylemecck

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Once you understand what is dropshipping, the next obvious question is how  to do it. in  india, this buzzword is catching up and you, as a seller , are suppose to know about it. considering the pros and cons of being into the dropshipping business, let’s assume that you’re making up your mind to enter this spot.

Here’s how you can start your own dropshipping business in india stepwise:

Step 1: Pick a supplier

From a ton of suppliers, choosing that one seller for your store is a curcial task. Even if you have to spend some days in completing this first step, please do. if this goes worng, there’ll be no point regretting later. your chosen supplier should be trustworthy because mostly you won’t be no point regretting later everyday as your employees and so you can’t monitor their activities much.

In india, a lot of suppliers have stared dropshipping for the sellers like you but all of them don’t  provide that you should look for in a supplier. It’s a touch task in india as you can find some of them to be fake too. To choose your supplier , look for these signs of caution:

  1. The supplier should manufacture the products too. it should not happen that the supplier himself uses some third party manufacture’s services. It will be a long chain then which will be very difficult for you to track. if, in case , your supplier is not manufacture , ask for their distributors and try connecting with them. They might be authentic and high chances are that they own huge inventories.
  2. Study the profit margin that you can make with the supplier. since you’re just starting up or at least switching your retail online store to a new dropshipping  model, you need to look at profits first. Considering the prices quoted by your supplier, set your own prices keeping a healthy margin on all products. Obviously, higher the margins, higher will be your profits.
  3. Check what delivery time  does the supplier promises. To stand  out from other similar stores, you need to provide a fast shipping service to the customers. Since this is dropdhipping business, you’re completely dependent upon the supplier for the shipping also. Where other reputed online store deliver in a day, you have to take the  responsibility of delivering  in  at least 3-4 days because no customer will be ready to wait beyond that time.
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