Madhuri Dixit regretted a lot after kissing sense in “dayavan”, took this decision due to embarrassment.

Madhuri Dixit’s 56th birthday on 15 may. The actress started her acting carrier in 1984. In the same era of 80s. Madhuri Dixit did a kissing sense in “Dayavan”. Which she still regret.

Madhuri Dixit has done more than 70 films in her four decade long career. In each film, she played a different character and surprised everyone with her acting. In some films where Madhuri appeared in romantic characters, in some she appeared in negative characters. But Madhuri Dixit had done such a scene in a film, which she still regrets. Madhuri Dixit disclosed this in an interview given in 1993.

Madhuri Dixit in a conversation with ‘India Today’ revealed about that kissing scene, due to which she regretted a lot later. She did this kissing scene with Vinod Khanna in the 1988 film ‘Dayavan’. There was a lot of ruckus on this then.

Madhuri Dixit regrets having kissed sense.

Madhuri Dixit responded, “Looking back, I feel that I should have said that I should not have done this scene,” when questioned about the kissing scene. But perhaps I was a little afraid at that time. Then, I used to believe that I was an actress and that the director had specifically arranged this sequence for me. In this case, the tale may suffer if I don’t perform this sequence.

Then made a decision

Madhuri Dixit regretted a lot after kissing sense in "dayavan", took this decision due to embarrassment. - Stylemecck

Additionally, Madhuri Dixit stated, “Apart from this, I was not even related to the film family. I therefore knew nothing about the business or how it operated. At the time, I was unaware that you could even decline to act in a kissing scene. The movie didn’t need that kiss at all. I made the decision not to perform any kissing scenes in the future as a result, and I never did it again.


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