No One talks about fake women Ex-powerment, feminism..

First I thought let it be, then I had a friend, she used to talk about this topic again and again, so I thought let’s read something, actually is it?

“Fake women empowerment” generally refers to situations or actions that appear to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment on the surface but lack genuine commitment or substantial impact.

But unknowingly if a person tells you the opposite, then why do you want to create differences, why do you want to spread wrong things? If he does that thing again and again whether he feels bad or not, you need to speak from the front. Because your mental health is getting spoiled. The thing we are going to talk about is not stopping, it is spreading. We have heard all those comments that the girls who wear short clothes are not small, your thinking is small. This is true to some extent in real life too. When it comes to social media, the name of Instagram influencer puts such videos.

Now after watching such videos, if boys are small minded then they should break the phone. What should he do?

All this nonsense should be left when you put such videos on Instagram, the number of likes on these videos increases. You keep posting such videos and photos for more views. And you want boys to see you like this. You leave this nonsense that people’s thinking is low, so why should they see the beauty of your eyes, you are not showing them at all. you can see some comments of this type influencers.

No One talks about fake women Ex-powerment, feminism.. - Stylemecck

I am sick of fake feminism.

This is fake feminism, it is hating men and also hurting women. we talk about officer rank women/girls. Be it any officer rank boy or girl, be it any job, the people with whom he sits are his colleagues. In the field where women are there, mostly men are there, there are only two-four women.

And she also become old enough to marry and have a child, no matter how much she does, but like a housewife, she cannot take care of the child because she has to go to the office as well. Because a child does not grow up in one or two years, it takes at least five to six years to grow up. usally they get scolded a lot you don’t take care of your child your child was roaming around. Together they have to look for officer level jobs. That lady believed that we are in that stage where we have to take care of our children and also look after the job. If he drives a housewife mad, what would he do to a jobber?

Now why was I saying this, this is fake feminism, there they are doing real feminism. After 10, 20, 30 years from today, these people will become an example for the little girl that this career is for you, it happens that women do it. This is happening on Instagram, earlier also Bollywood used to do it, what is the big deal in it?

Explaining from basic what is women empowerment.

Women can do whatever work they want, they can become doctors, etc. The one who goes into the profession gets the freedom to wear clothes according to that profession. But what does this fake feminism do, we can wear whatever clothes we want wherever we want, we can even roam naked if we want. Boys can’t move around naked even if they want to, if they walk 1 kilometer then don’t know how many slaps they get and then they will be arrested. What are these rights that you are demanding which is more than the boys. If you talk to basic, then equal treatment, equal treatment means this low women, she is not just a housewife, she is not there to give birth to a child, or she is not seen just like a body.

And what is happening on social media, you are watching like a body. at the same time I also clear this thing if there is any lady doctor. Social media can also belong to her, if she goes to Goa beach and puts a photo in bikini then she will be praised. When you pick up fake feminism and start using the trick on the main social media, then the comment box will be like this. If it is still felt that someone is getting women impoverished, then I can tell that women are being harmed.

Earlier a girl wanted to act then she wanted to act with her telnet. Means she did not want that she should get work on the basis of her body. She learns acting from all over the world but if there is a song or film to go, then who is producing nowadays, who takes the one who has more followers on Instagram or on social media, because she will get more views.


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