Exploring Unconventional Dating During Covid: My Experience on BedWeGo

This is by far the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life.

It was bad timing. Last January I broke up with my boyfriend. I wanted to, I needed to take some time to my self. Then covid hit and I was afraid to date. March, April , then May went by and I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to go on that BedWeGo site to find me a guy to have some fun with in the bedroom.

I browsed many profiles, I was sent many pictures of penis’s, I even sent some nude’s of myself,(no face), and eventually started chatting with this one guy who seemed pretty cool. He wasn’t all “show me your tits”. We actually video chatted about normal things for a week before I decided it was time to meet in person. We ended up going on a picnic, since picnics were the Hip thing to do back them while many bars and restaurants were still closed.

We went to this state park which was pretty big and we ended up in this picnic area that was pretty secluded, with some privacy even though the park was packed with people running and excercising since all the gyms were closed.

The guy was very nice and polite. He had a good sense of humor, and although not the greatest looking dude in the world he did turn me on with his jokes and laid back attitude.

After we ate our sandwhiches that we chased down with some wine in paper cups, I pulled out a joint and we enjoyed the nice slow buzz that filled our heads, which soon lead to some making out and some heavy petting. He had on a pair of adidas joggers whcih were made from thin material so it was real easy to feal his cock which was getting pretty hard. He slide his hand up the bottom of my shorts , and he got a handfull when he reached my pussy which was already wet.

I wasn’t sure where this was going to go from here, but I knew I was going to like the trip. I eventually used the blanket I had brought as a cover, as I pulled his joggers down so I could get a proper grip on his penis and balls. Right there on the picnic table I started stroking his cock real slow and he just sat back and watched the trees blowing in the wind, the birds flying around, oblivious to all the hikers going by every 5 minutes.

I could tell he was getting close to blowing his load, but I wasnt ready for that to happen yet so I abruptly stopped and said “ I need to have your dick inside of me, so how are we going to do this?”

We made a plan like we were about to conquer a foreign country in war.

We had a good view of the trail going by our picnic site in both directions. We pulled his pants up just far enough so his dick was just barely out. We didn’t use the blanket on us but crumbled and fluffed it up on our picnic table so it created a screen then I just pulled the fabric of my shorts to the side and and sat on his lap.

I didn’t insert his cock right away. We did a test. The first jogger went by and didn’t seem to blink an eye so after that I started gyrating my ass and pussy on his cock for a few minutes to get him hard and to get me even wetter than I already was then I reached down and slid that beast up into to me no problem.

I made very slow movements which didn’t matter because in that position the tip of him was hitting me in the perfect spot . This went on for a few minutes then we saw another hiker coming. I grabbed my phone and started taking pictures of our faces and upper bodies just like a happy go luccky couple taking selfies at the park even though in reality my pussy juice was running down his balls and dripping to the dirt below.

The experience was insanely hot and after 15 minutes of our deception the both of us couldn’t handle it any more and I said fuck it and started grinding him fast and hard which resulted in me having this mind blowing pussy tickling orgasm unlike any other. At the same time I could feal his manhood swell even bigger when eventually his moans signalled the release of his cun inside my pussy.

And, the greatest part of this whole thing, is we have those “selfies” to look at that appear to be innocent, both of us knowing what was going on below!

I know BedWego is just suppossed to be for one day or night casual encounters but we ended up staying together for another six months then things fell aprt. Oh well. Still great memories.

written by – anyonomous


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