Sonagachi Kolkata’s infamous streets, Dark Story of Asia’s biggest red-light area.

The Street of Kolkata.

The Street of Kolkata which the world knows by the name of Sonagachi. Sonagachi is the first name that comes to the youth when they hear the name Kolkata. Although there is a more popular place there, but why does he remember this name first? Today we will try to know about it and behind the.

Sonagachi Kolkata's infamous streets, Dark Story of Asia's biggest red-light area. - Stylemecck

This contradiction of Sonagachi has been presented with great pain by Nagma Nigar Sahir Ludhianvi in ​​a song from the film Chandi Ki Deewar. His complaint to the world in this composition, When Mohammed Rafi gives voice to this song, his identity with Sonagachi comes to the fore.

This world is two colored

one side covered with silk, the other naked

On the one hand, the mad greed of blind wealth

On the one hand the cost of bodies is cheaper than bread

On one side is Sonagachi, on the other is Chowringhee

This world is two colored.

About Kolkata’s Sonagachi Story.

Kolkata is a 300-year-old city situated on the banks of the Hooghly river, it is famous for many things like Rasgulla, Hilsa Fish, Geet Sangeet Film, etc. But there is another famous thing associated with Kolkata. Whose name is taken in soft sound. In the corner, in the gatherings of friends, this is the name of Sonagachi. It is taken with a suppressed tongue because it is a red-light area. The red color of the cue indicates danger in life. prompts us to stop and think.

Sonagachi Kolkata's infamous streets, Dark Story of Asia's biggest red-light area. - Stylemecck

Sonagachi Asia’s Largest body Center!

“Sonagachi” is Asia’s largest body business center. According to a survey, more than 16000 girls below 18 years are sex workers here. Here girls of every age and every religion are involved in that work. As soon as we discuss this, our society turns away crookedly. That is, it is not called good. Despite this, the government has also given rights to this area. No one can remove them from here. That’s why the settlement exists for years. Located on Chittaranjan Avenue, near Shobhabazar in North Kolkata, people have known the area as Sonagachi for several hundred years. 

Legend has it that Asia’s largest red light is named after a Muslim Wali (saint), the area on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River was a major trading center when Kolkata was settled 300 years ago. According to historian PT Nair’s book ‘A History of the Streets of Calcutta’, a dreaded Sanaullah was living in this area with his mother. The dacoit died after a few days, one-day Sanaullah’s crying mother heard a sound from her hut, the sound was coming from the hut, Mother, don’t cry… I have become a Ghazi, this is how the legend of Sona Ghazi came out from Sanaullah.

Sonagachi Kolkata's infamous streets, Dark Story of Asia's biggest red-light area. - Stylemecck

Soon the story started spreading around, and people started arriving at this shack and praying, people were reportedly cured of diseases by coming here, it is said that people felt spiritual there. This is how Sanaullah was received as a saint in a conspiracy to indulge in crime. Historian Nair says that Sanaullah’s mother built a beautiful mosque here in memory of her son, it came to be known as Sona Ghazi’s mosque. Sanaullah’s mother died after some days, and after that, there was no one to take care of this mosque, and slowly after a long period, this mosque completely disappeared. Because of this mosque, the neighboring area was named Masjid Bari, while Sanaullah Ghazi changed to Sona Ghazi and then gradually became Sonagachi.

Sonagachi Kolkata's infamous streets, Dark Story of Asia's biggest red-light area. - Stylemecck

Although the early history of Sonagachi is not found, there is no proper information about how Sonagachi turned into a redlight area. But a senior journalist who has been writing about the city of Kolkata for the last 30 years points to the circumstances, Because of which prostitution has flourished here. According to an English newspaper report Sonagachi is on Old Pilgrim Road. Which is now known as Rabindra Sarani, this area has been the center of big markets, Even before the arrival of the British, commercial activities used to take place here, merchants used to come by ships, among them the trade chiefs from Portugal and Armenia, laborers used to work here and crowds of people used to gather.

How Sonagachi become a red Light area?

According to the journalist, a large number of traders/tourists come to any place where money, goods, and furnishings are produced. It is very easy for a red light area to flourish where it is a big center of business. Sonagachi’s prostitution business was once run by a well-known Bengali family. Today these dilapidated rooms are given on rent. Sanaullah’s dargah is still here. It was broken many times and it was repaired many times, unfortunately, the date of Sanaullah’s death is not written on this dargah.
This area comes under Shyampukur assembly seat of Kolkata district. Although the havoc of Corona, which has been going on for a year, has faded the tone of Sonagachi, there has been a slight stir in the elections, Apart from elections and other events of the country and the world, the township of Sonagachi is going on in its own rhythm, every evening has been illuminating here for many years.
The body has become cheaper than roti. On 10th December we went here for a walk with our friends.
There are three ranges in this profession low, mid, and high. Starting Amount is $1.82 , highest $100.

You Can clearly hear in this video. 

I think it’s not that bad, it will help to reduce rape cases at some point. People who couldn’t control their sexual desire, they can easily go there and full fill their desire at a reasonable amount. If it becomes a habit then they became ……………………………………………,

Question And Answer.

Q1. What is Sonagachi area is famous for?

Sonagachi is famous for body business. here more than 12k sex worker is working here. it is also known as sobha bazar.

Q2. Can anyone go to Sonagachi?

Ya you can here is no ristriction. if you want go because you want sex pleasure then sure that you are 18+ if you are 18th plus then there is no any problem.

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